Recycled tea bag filter paper, toothpicks, coffee-ground incrusted mannequin • 73 x 42 x 43cm

The meditative process begins with the drying of soggy used tea bags, separating the contents from the tissue like membrane. Each individual piece offers a unique textural and tonal quality.

Like soldiers on the art table, the filter paper remains prepared and waiting, lined up in neat little rows while the artist searches for inspiration.

What to do with these tactile pieces?

Modifying an age-old method of bookbinding to suit the medium and hijacking toothpicks from the kitchen cupboard. The weaving begins and the smooth timbers start to line up like the skeletal bones of a fish.

Inspired by tribal ceremonies, Denise seeks a complimentary method of display. The dried coffee-ground encrusted mannequin mirrors the richness of naturally found objects adorning native bodies. The plinth itself becomes at one with the artwork.