Tea Party 4 Two?

42cm x 33cm

Recycled tea bag filter paper, tea, ink, acrylic, board

$700 framed

Confronted daily by single use items and mountains of waste destined for landfill, creating works of art from used tea bags started as a playful challenge, taking the ugliest rubbish bin pieces and finding new life for them.
Used tea bags were dried before commencing the delicate extraction of tea. The resulting tissue like fabric was flattened and individually hand dyed. These mini canvases were then brought together and layered to provide a William Turner inspired backdrop.
An adaptation of a famous tea party, the silhouette image is created solely from reclaimed tealeaves. The viewer may only see two subjects at the table but looking closer will find an Australian inspired theme repeating in the wings – how many characters are really at this event? Is this really a Tea Party 4 Two? Or Ten?